Saturday, August 13, 2005

Provo Rated Most Conservative City

This article was published on the front page of Utah County's own "Daily Herald" as though it was breaking news.

UVSC, the college where "This Divided State" takes place, borders on Orem and Provo.


Kevin said...

The problem with the cited study is in trying to decide what "liberal" and "conservative" are. It appears that what this poll really found is the states where people are most likely to vote as a block.

When you listen to debates in the black community, you find a very strong thread of traditional conservatism. That is the politicians are now big on personal responsibility. When you look at Utahns history of voting in new taxes and social controls at every turn, you see a state acting as Modern Liberals.

Bryan said...

I really think we should discard labels such as liberal or conservative or republican and democrat. Let everyone go back to being a plain old American.