Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I have been participating in the Hollywood Stock Exchange for quite a while now. I find it's fun and forces me to keep a keen eye on the film industry. I think I've been actively trading for almost a year now. So I understand the idea behind "fantasy" markets.

And then I found this: Blogshares.

While doing publicity and marketing for This Divided State I have to look it up on Google everyday and see if there are any new links, reviews, articles, etc. that I need to know about so that I can put them here. And this one threw me for a loop. It seems as though there are people that buy and sell fantasy shares in blogs. I guess that's not so crazy, but I have to imagine that the "blogosphere" (lord, I hate, hate, hate that word) is way bigger than the Hollywood machine. And I can understand how you can assign value to movies, you have boxoffice. But do they track blog links and hits? I should investigate more...


Spud said...

Oh, I joined up about two weeks ago and I'm hooked. I gotta tell you it threw me for a loop too when I found my blog on there! But it's fun. Frighteningly complex, but fun.

Btw, if you decide to join up, please join through here:


Kevin said...

Yes, that looks like a fun game. So I decided to join. It took awhile to figure out how to buy shares.

Anyway, now that I am one of the joint owners of your site, I am wondering how much control I will have over the content. I want to turn my investment turn into a major multinational empire.

As a share holder of "ThisDividedState", I would like to see more sex. Your site seems to be about silly looking men who aren't good at communicating their ideas.

I would like to see a bunch of scantily clad babes. Gearing your site to the 13-20 demographics would do wonders for the inbound links.

So, get back to work. You need to make cyber bucks for the cyber ruling class.

Bryan said...

Well, there's the babes. Let's start with an inbound link from the y-intercept.

Kevin said...

You know perfectly well that, if I linked to your site on the the same day I bought your stock, that I could be accused of insider trading, stock manipulation, conspiracy or worse. I could have my cyber account closed, have my cyber earnings confiscated by the SEC or, even worse, be thrown into cyber prison!!!!!!

I could see myself doing time in some crafters forum crocheting doilies with Martha Stewart!

The hot babe on the front page looks great.