Monday, August 29, 2005

Good news

I read this article and it's great news for those of us who live on coffee. And let me assure you, Independent filmmakers such as we live on coffee.

I would estimate that I drink between 12 and 64 ounces of coffee per day. I bet Elias and Steve drink even more than that. And now we don't have to say it's just for the energy. It's preventing colon cancer and providing us with valuable anti-oxidants now.



Anonymous said...

I wouldn't really get excited about this article, as Coffee has many bad things in it. Don't let this study overshadow how bad coffee is for you.

Bryan said...

I'd get excited because it's now better for me than I thought it was.

And coffee isn't that bad for you. Yeah it makes you excitable and it probably gives you ulcers, but let's not forget how yummy it is.

Anonymous said...

It may taste good, but all the future problems you will have is what i was talking about.

Bryan said...

I'm sure the long term affects of coffee would take much less of a toll on my body than if I were to be a smoker.

And besides, you keep forgetting that it tastes yummy.