Monday, August 08, 2005

George Romero's Damn Good Coffee!

I've just recovered after 6 straight days of 1-2 hours of sleep a night, sitting in front of my Powerbook, editing the deleted scenes and extras for the THIS DIVIDED STATE DVD. On Thursday night, I almost had to go to the hospital because my body suddenly stopped working. Yeah, just stopped functioning. Breathing, heart beating, sight? NAH! None of that! It just all went away. Well, I got everything sent out to New York and now I'm back to normal.

Right now, surrounding me, are 7 empty cans of Red Bull, and 13 cups of coffee. It keeps my blood flowing and my eyes open so that I can work on my film. Technically, I guess I should be dead by now.

Well, that's how things get done around here.

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tyler said...

Man I commend you Steven... on top of all that with smoking too? Good damn job though. Congratulations on finishing.

I'm gonna miss the showing of your movie here in Tempe, Arizona on Sept. 9th(or will I, not sure yet) but will be looking forward to the DVD w/extras!