Monday, August 08, 2005

Matt Drudge: A Heartless Mother Fucker

I just saw a "BREAKING NEWS" Flash on the Drudgereport. Matt Drudge dedicates an entire news report in order to tear apart the legitimacy of a mourning mother whose son was killed in Iraq. His point? She's a bitch because in 2004 she said "Bush is good." And now, in 2005, she says "Bush is a cocksucker because my son is dead". (Quotes paraphrased). Matt, Matt, Matt... She's a mother protesting the war outside Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas. Her son was killed because George Bush lied to him. Couldn't you give her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she just MIGHT be rethinking her opinion of Bush? Jesus, is it really that hard to comprehend? What's wrong with changing your mind? Especially after your child has died. Matt Drudge, you are one piece of work. Suck my balls.


Bryan said...

Steve, I have to say, your posts are colorful as all hell

tyler said...

Yay go mother! "What's wrong with changing your mind?" Good question!

Colorful = Enlightening... I like it.