Monday, September 29, 2008

Short Story....

You know the drill:

The new one is Complicated.

Here's the complete list of stories I've put online:


I think this is brilliant. Click to enlarge.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I got to my new job at the American News Project in Washington D.C. last Wednesday. By Friday, I had already shot and edited my first news report. I followed a group of people in front of the U.S. Treasury and White House, in the rain, as they protested the pending Wall Street bailout.

Check it out here.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

In Memoriam


You can read what I wrote about Paul Newman's passing at the Huffington Post.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

KAL Crew on the Radio Tonight

Click here to listen live tonight at 6:00 MST.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Killer at Large won another award.

We were excited to find out today that the Salt Lake City Weekly awarded the film one of their annual Arty awards.

Here's what they had to say about the film:
Killer At Large
Local documentary filmmaker Steven Greenstreet explored the local manifestation of a national phenomenon in his Michael Moore-vs.-Sean Hannity study This Divided State. His follow-up project paints a bigger picture of an even more serious subject: the national epidemic of obesity. And the most fascinating aspect of his approach is how complex he makes the issue—a tangle of biology, sociology, psychology and even politics that makes it hard to toss off the old “eat less and exercise” rejoinder. This truly is film journalism, the kind of documentary that works precisely because it raises more questions than it answers.

Check back often for screening info...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fine. We'll Use Scare Tactics Too.

The Repuglican War machine used the "mushroom cloud" and "Kerry=Another Attack" scare tactic back in 2004. It worked wonders for the populous. And that should tell you a lot about the populous.

Now, in 2008, they're saying "Obama is a Muslim", "a socialist communist", "a secular humanist hellbent on raping babies", etc, etc.

These attacks are dollar-menu bullshit items. But the "populous", again, is eating it up with a shovel. The polls are generally 50/50 cuz some people are spreading the rumors that Obama is a Muslim Terrorist in disguise who will burn the flag, shred the Constitution, and hand the country over to his Muslim terrorist friends once elected. I shit you not. People believe this. I talked to one at work today.

People like this are not deterred by facts. They are not deterred by rationality. They are not deterred by reality. They are deterred by fear, fear, and more fear.

So, I say, fight fire with fire. Beat them at their own game. Stop with the facts, stop with the statistics, stop with the rational arguments.

It's time to make people scared shitless of John McCain:

McCain grasps at straws

Can you believe the shit they're willing to scare people with into voting for their inferior, corporate candidate?


And here's Obama on education...

And here's Nader with a couple of zingers on education...

I think it's obvious John McCain is wrong for America.

And I'm pretty sure Nader's the guy. But I'm still on that fence...

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Bill O'Reilly Praises Obama, Hell Freezes Over

This is whack. As some of you know, part one of Bill O'Reilly's interview with Barack Obama aired on Fox News on Thursday. I watched it. Obama deflected every single one of BillO's attacks. BillO was left sitting there nodding and, in the end, seemed impressed with Obama.

But I didn't know how impressed he was. In fact, I was absolutely blown away at how much BillO actually LIKES Obama now.


From Bill O'Reilly's website:

Like him or not, you have to give Barack Obama credit for waging a smart, focused campaign. Destroying the Clinton machine was a major achievement and so was putting together a successful convention in Denver. Obama is now firmly a part of U.S. history, no matter what happens in the presidential election.

The problem some Americans continue to have with the Senator is that he is long on charisma but short on detail. This frightens some voters. Who the heck is this guy, anyway? So when Obama finally agreed to speak to me this week, specifics were on my mind.

First, the man. The Barack Obama I witnessed is self-confident, determined and driven. He was acutely aware of his surroundings from the moment he entered the room. He looks you in the eye and touches your shoulder. He understands how to connect one-on-one.

As far as philosophy goes, Senator Obama is convinced that the federal government should be in control of income distribution and, to some extent, should regulate the free marketplace. That is a classic liberal position, and Obama promotes it well.

The Senator also believes that poor Americans have a basic right to free health care and monetary supplements from the government with no strings attached. The American substance abuser, for example, would derive the same benefit as a hard working, laid off worker would. Again, classic liberalism. No judgments made regarding entitlements.

So, if Barack Obama does become president, there will definitely be change. His left-wing base will demand it, and he will come through. You can decide if that's change we should believe in, but keep in mind that the unintended consequences of government interference in the marketplace are impossible to predict. Free markets have a way of chafing under government imposition.

On the foreign policy front, Obama has convinced me that he is tough but cautious. He rose up quickly because he vehemently opposed the Iraq war. But now I see a man who understands the victory that has taken place in Iraq. I don't believe he wants to screw that up. I could be wrong.

After going mano-a-mano with Obama on television, I am also persuaded that he is a sincere guy—that he wants the best for all Americans. He's an ideologue, but not a blind one. He understands that his story is incredible, and, I have come to believe, he is grateful to the American system for allowing it happen.

It is true that we don't know whether Senator Obama has the ability to solve complex problems, but you can say that about all presidential contenders.

Like most politicians, Obama has used guile and good luck to accumulate his power. He can be ruthless, kind, unfair, and generous. In short, he's a real person trying to achieve an unreal position—that of the most powerful person in the world.

God help him.

Friday, September 05, 2008

RNC In One Minute

Samantha Bee Nails Abortion Debate with Repugs

McCain Used iSTOCKPHOTO Black People

Bwhahahahahahaha! WTF!

Daily Kos has a report on the token black people who appeared in McCain's bio video last night at the RNC.

As you can read in my live blog of McCain's speech, I made a note of the obviously forced addition of what seemed like "stock" photos of black people.

Turns out, they were stock photos. McCain used, which I actually used myself for my film "Killer at Large", to find some pictures of happy and smiling African Americans. For a few bucks, McCain made it seem like African Americans nationwide overwhelmingly support him.

One of the attached comments, from the Utah Republican Party, said:

"There are plenty of people from all "races", income ranges, and locations in the Republican Party. They could have gotten their own pictures. WTF?"

Even the Republicans themselves are baffled by the McCain campaign's apparent lack of confidence in minority support.

But, I'm not too surprised. Republicans have a history of getting support through false evidence and deceiving images. Palin herself seems to be nothing more than a "stock" photo. She has the image of a Republican rebirth into independence. But, if you do a little digging, she's a wolf in sheep's clothing. Bought and sold like the stock photos McCain used last night.

Here are the actual photos used:

"Community Organizer" - Obama Responds

Sarah Palin made a crack at Obama's service as a "community organizer". Claiming that, despite Obama's community organizer experience, she had "actual responsibilities". Classy.

Here's Obama responding with a swift kick to the political nuts:

Thursday, September 04, 2008

New (But Old) Short Story

I randomly found a legal pad and there was a short story I wrote on it.

I don't remember writing it or what it was about, it was so long ago. It was completely forgotten and it was like it was written by a completely different writer.

It was a total rip on Chthulhu stories, so, go here to check it out.

And don't forget to check out all the short stories, here.

McCain Speech Live Blogging

McCain Bio Video:

John McCain was a POW.

John McCain was a father. Of multiple kids. With multiple women.

John McCain's family has a history of fighting wars. That's a good thing?

On old white man reading from a book. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

John McCain was a POW.

Soldiers, soldiers, war footage, war footage, more soldiers.

"He's not in it for the glory"

Modern footage of McCain looking old.

Modern footage of military soldiers, war footage, war footage, war footage.

Token black person.

Seriously, shot of white person, cut to black person, shot of white person, cut to black person

LOL. Back to POW footage again.

Video ends.

Some dude with a southern accent (oh, Fred Thompson) saying "John McCain was a POW"

McCain enters.

McCain caught in the headlight literally. He looks dazed. Poor guy.

Awkward, standing waiting for podium to raise

He looks scared. Jesus, he literally looks scared.

Wide shot of arena, empty seats. Small arena.

Cindy McCain stopped applauding long ago, she looks like "Don't screw up"

GREEN backdrop again! LOL!

Is that one of his 7 houses for his backdrop? WTF

A PROTESTER!!! Kick ass. Oh, but they're kicking him out. NO! They're not!

"Thank you Pres Bush", cuts to veterans not applauding. LOL

9/11 right off the bat. Protester starts screaming. Stops McCain. Crowd chants "USA"

"Thanks, Cindy" cuts to Cindy with "Don't screw up face"

"I won't let you down", he says that 3 times.

LOL. He keeps smiling after every one-liner like "Whew!"

Ok, I think he just plagiarized Obama's speech.

"All people are created equal" except for impregnated rape victims.

He keep mumbling to himself when the crowd goes wild.

He just said a line, looked down at his notebook, raised his eyebrows like "Whew!"

More protesters! Hell yeah! Code Pink! Crowd chants "USA"

McCain on protesters, "Don't be distracted by the ground noise and static"

John McCain looks old.

John McCain just forgot Sarah Palin's last name. "Sarah......"

Palin had kids! Applause.

McCain: "Palin works with her hands and nose"

McCain just plagiarized Obama again, "This election isn't about me, it's about you"

He keeps saying his one liners like 3 times in a row still.

Ok, I'm bored and I need a cigarette bad. He's struggling.

He just squinted to look into the telepromter. I almost feel bad for him.

LOL, he just said "I fight for these people who lost their jobs in Wisconsin" and the Wisconsin delegates cheered.

More squinting.

Just repeated his one-liner again.

This race is over. This guy looks dead in the water.

He flubbed a line, awkward silence, then cheers.

The audience seems to be waiting on when to applaud, they seem confused.

I have no idea what he's talking about.

"I will cut Govt spending" Bullshit. Military spending.

Crowd looks DEAD! DEAD! No tears. No looks of optimism.

Jesus Christ, every cut away is of white people. I just counted 12 cut aways. All white people.

Just cutaway to a kid yawning.

Audience is now chanting "DRILL DRILL DRILL"

I kid you not: A cutaway to a kid sitting/texting.

This audience is dead. I'm not even being biased. Dead.

LOL! Another cutaway to kid texting.

McCain is now rehashing all the things covered in the video. POW, war, etc

Whoa. Creepy blond girl smiling REALLY wide while McCain talks about the Cold War.

"I was blessed with misfortune". Yes, yes, you were.

"I liked to pick a few fights for my own pleasure".

"Property" instead of "properly", he's still thinking of his houses.

"I couldn't feed myself"

Torture, POW, war, fighting, 40 years ago, that applies to today.

I might admit that his speel about being a POW was touching, but expected.

"Enlist in our armed forces", recruitment pitch?

Fucked up this line: "Teach an illiterate adult to read."

Cutaway to scary botox lady giving "thumbs up".

He figured it out, repeat one-liners 3 times until audience gets it.

Ok, it's over. Thank God.

MAD Magazine, Sarah Palin edition

DC Comics let me have another MAD Magazine political exclusive to premiere on Huffington Post:

Exclusive: MAD Magazine's Election Coverage, Sarah Palin Edition

Go here to check it out.

And I have to be honest, watching her speech last night, I like her about as much as I like John McCain. Which is to say I'm really starting to hate her.

Scranton and San Francisco

Sarah Palin said Obama talks "one way in Scranton and another way in San Francisco".

The RNC audience applauded.

Too bad Palin was full of shit.

Watch Obama in Scranton:

Watch Obama in San Francisco:

That pretty much sounds the same to me.

SARAH PALIN Wins "Best In Show"

Sarah Palin takes the stage at the RNC.

It was a night to remember. Full of glitz, glamor, and and a basketball arena 1/10 the size of Obama's stadium. With empty seats, mind you. Sure Mitt Romney spoke and he called the Washington of the last 8 years "liberal". Rudy Guiliani spoke and he said Sarah Palin was qualified because of 9/11. In fact, Rudy's huge backdrop was a video of a towerless NYC. The crowd, what little of them there were, was eating it up. Hell, the were beside themselves. A virtual cornucopia of faux patriotism and empty applause.

But all this was mere foreplay for the main event: Palin herself.

She took the stage and "came out swinging" according to news pundits. The reason her speech sounded so good was because it contained childish cheap shots, was void of substance, and was full of lies. Put these 3 things into a speech and Republicans will cum in their pants. And, indeed, the room was full of orgasmic adulation. She said Obama wants to "give up on Iraq", and thus, "give up on America". She said that, unlike Obama, she had "actual responsibilities". She said will stand up "to the special interests (like the ones funding the GOP), the lobbyists (like the ones on McCain's campaign) , big oil companies (like her husband's company) , and the good-ol' boys network (the entire god-damn GOP)". Despite having fully supported it and been responsible for it, she lied to the crowd, "I told the Congress "thanks, but no thanks," for that Bridge to Nowhere." She made fun of the "Greek columns" behind Obama during his speech. She failed, however, to make fun of the "Greek columns" of the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefforson Memorial, the Capital Building, and the White House.

She was on a friggin role. Knocking it out of the park, as it were. Giving a speech that had mostly been written by former Bush speech writers even before she was chosen as a running mate. And, worse of all, with conviction and spirit, a woman gave a man's speech.

The word "woman" only appeared once in her speech. She spoke nothing of the significance or importance of her role as a woman leader. She, unlike Hillary, did nothing to energize and inspire the female base. She basically gave a speech that any old, white Republican man could have given.

But, with Sarah Palin, they give a new face to an old problem. A fresh start to remain where we are. She was a perfectly groomed show-dog, paraded before the judges of the GOP, the public, and the media. "Don't attack her. She's a woman", is the new phrase from the Repubs.

But, we won't be fooled. She may not look like them, she may not dress like them, she may not sound like them. But if you look at her closely. Read between the lines, as it were, she is a Bush Administration's wet dream. A neo-con with a tamed vagina and voluptuous smile. A wolf in sheep's clothing.

Best in show.

Mitt Romney's Speech at the RNC with video

If this doesn't make you sick, I don't know what will.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mitt Romney's Speech at the RNC

I'm watching Mitt Romney's speech at the RNC right now and I'm going to be honest: the Republican party scares the hell out of me.

He's outlined the Republican platform and it's pretty much exactly the wrong direction any intelligent and compassionate American would want to take things.

And the thinking of how to "fix" the country Romney just outlined is counter-intuitive and disgusting. He wants to take us back into the Reagan stone-ages and gut regulation in the same way Bush has been doing.


I'll post the full speech as soon as it goes online and it'll be the scariest thing you've ever seen, too.

God-damnit, these guys are terrorists.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New Huffington Post Editorial

Sarah Palin = Harriet Miers

Huffington Post just got it up.

Check it out here. Please comment, here and there. And it would help me out a lot if you added me as one of your favorite bloggers.


I read that Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman was arrested in St. Paul during the RNC. I saw the video of her being arrested. I was all, like, "WTF". I saw the number for her jail. I called her jail to ask "WTF".

Monday, September 01, 2008

The politicians in Baluchistan need to be killed

Someone please kill this man. Israr Ullah Zehri, Senator from Baluchistan

Three teenage girls buried alive in Pakistan "honor killing".

From the article:

Three teenage girls have been buried alive by their tribe in a remote part of Pakistan to punish them for attempting to choose their own husbands, in an "honour" killing case.

After news of the deaths emerged, male politicians from their province, Baluchistan, defended the killings in parliament, claiming the practice was part of "our tribal custom".

The girls, thought to have been aged between 16 and 18, were kidnapped by a group of men from their Umrani tribe.

They were driven to a rural area and then injured by being shot. Then, while still alive, they were dragged bleeding to a pit, where they were covered with earth and stones, according to the findings of Human Rights Watch, the international campaigning group. Officials, speaking off the record, confirmed the killings.

However, six weeks after the deaths, no one has been arrested, amid claims of a cover-up. According to several accounts, Baluchistan government vehicles were used to abduct the girls, and the killing was overseen by a tribal chief who is the brother of a provincial minister from the ruling Pakistan People's party.

When shit like this is sanctioned by a government, doesn't that constitute some kind of war crime, or at the very least against the Geneva Convention?

People want to say, "Well, it's a complicated issue with complicated solutions. You can't just police the world, go in there, kill everyone responsible, and rescue the helpless."

Yes, you can. Yes, you fucking can.