Thursday, September 04, 2008

SARAH PALIN Wins "Best In Show"

Sarah Palin takes the stage at the RNC.

It was a night to remember. Full of glitz, glamor, and and a basketball arena 1/10 the size of Obama's stadium. With empty seats, mind you. Sure Mitt Romney spoke and he called the Washington of the last 8 years "liberal". Rudy Guiliani spoke and he said Sarah Palin was qualified because of 9/11. In fact, Rudy's huge backdrop was a video of a towerless NYC. The crowd, what little of them there were, was eating it up. Hell, the were beside themselves. A virtual cornucopia of faux patriotism and empty applause.

But all this was mere foreplay for the main event: Palin herself.

She took the stage and "came out swinging" according to news pundits. The reason her speech sounded so good was because it contained childish cheap shots, was void of substance, and was full of lies. Put these 3 things into a speech and Republicans will cum in their pants. And, indeed, the room was full of orgasmic adulation. She said Obama wants to "give up on Iraq", and thus, "give up on America". She said that, unlike Obama, she had "actual responsibilities". She said will stand up "to the special interests (like the ones funding the GOP), the lobbyists (like the ones on McCain's campaign) , big oil companies (like her husband's company) , and the good-ol' boys network (the entire god-damn GOP)". Despite having fully supported it and been responsible for it, she lied to the crowd, "I told the Congress "thanks, but no thanks," for that Bridge to Nowhere." She made fun of the "Greek columns" behind Obama during his speech. She failed, however, to make fun of the "Greek columns" of the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefforson Memorial, the Capital Building, and the White House.

She was on a friggin role. Knocking it out of the park, as it were. Giving a speech that had mostly been written by former Bush speech writers even before she was chosen as a running mate. And, worse of all, with conviction and spirit, a woman gave a man's speech.

The word "woman" only appeared once in her speech. She spoke nothing of the significance or importance of her role as a woman leader. She, unlike Hillary, did nothing to energize and inspire the female base. She basically gave a speech that any old, white Republican man could have given.

But, with Sarah Palin, they give a new face to an old problem. A fresh start to remain where we are. She was a perfectly groomed show-dog, paraded before the judges of the GOP, the public, and the media. "Don't attack her. She's a woman", is the new phrase from the Repubs.

But, we won't be fooled. She may not look like them, she may not dress like them, she may not sound like them. But if you look at her closely. Read between the lines, as it were, she is a Bush Administration's wet dream. A neo-con with a tamed vagina and voluptuous smile. A wolf in sheep's clothing.

Best in show.

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