Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fine. We'll Use Scare Tactics Too.

The Repuglican War machine used the "mushroom cloud" and "Kerry=Another Attack" scare tactic back in 2004. It worked wonders for the populous. And that should tell you a lot about the populous.

Now, in 2008, they're saying "Obama is a Muslim", "a socialist communist", "a secular humanist hellbent on raping babies", etc, etc.

These attacks are dollar-menu bullshit items. But the "populous", again, is eating it up with a shovel. The polls are generally 50/50 cuz some people are spreading the rumors that Obama is a Muslim Terrorist in disguise who will burn the flag, shred the Constitution, and hand the country over to his Muslim terrorist friends once elected. I shit you not. People believe this. I talked to one at work today.

People like this are not deterred by facts. They are not deterred by rationality. They are not deterred by reality. They are deterred by fear, fear, and more fear.

So, I say, fight fire with fire. Beat them at their own game. Stop with the facts, stop with the statistics, stop with the rational arguments.

It's time to make people scared shitless of John McCain:

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