Monday, August 01, 2005

The balls on this guy

He actually did it. He recess appointed Bolton.

George Bush truly is a divider, not a uniter. This man spits in the faces of half the population of this country. And for what?

His own selfish interests.

I'll try to write more about this later, I'm swamped with work on the film right now.


Anonymous said...

Whats new, Bush and both parties are killing this country.
Even if you had John Kerry in there, we would still be having problems.
Think outside the 2 parties and there false left-right paridigm!

Bryan said...

Agreed. Two parties are nonsense. There's a dozen parties. Maybe more. It's a lot easier to define yourself with a small party than a big tent that tries to please everyone.

My point was this wasn't a Kerry cheer-lead. It was more a comment that obviously there's a reason they couldn't get him confirmed. And enough Senators thought that he was a threat to keep him from getting a cloture vote so they could vote on him. So, appointing him anyway seems to fly in the face of the people's will.

Anonymous said...

Great point Bryan!
All in all the people do not know what they want, because they have been given false choices, i wish we could all wake up and see how we are being controlled by our goverment and how both parties are controlled.
Nuff said :)

Anonymous said...

Also read a little about this man, Joe Banister at
You may be fasicnated how he has been treated and how standing up against the government when it is oppressing you, is very hard to do.
BTW, Joe is an ex-IRS agent.

Anonymous said...

God's Army 2 Preview is out now at