Thursday, August 18, 2005

Headline on Drudge report approaches truth


Now, all you have to do is get rid of the Cindy Unleashed part and tone down the biggest part slightly, and you might be nearing the truth.

I know this post will rub people the wrong way, but I want to remind everyone that according to the definition of terrorism, our nation is as guilty of terrorism as any of the hijackers from the World Trade Center attack. And I think the accountability should start at the top. Make no mistake, Bush's "war on terror" uses terror. I'm not saying that something shouldn't be done, but I am saying that we shouldn't be casting stones. If we want to end terrorism, the first step has to be, "Quit being terrorists and quit supporting terrorism."

That coup in Venezuela? Terrorism. Threatening a sovereign leader, no matter how despicable, with the destruction of his own country if he doesn't leave? Terrorism. Insufficient welfare systems? Terrorism. "All options on the table" threats to countries peacefully pursuing nuclear power? Terrorism.

Make no mistake. And let's not forget about the long line of Republican terrorists W. comes from, starting with, in my view, one of the largest terrorist threats the world has ever faced: Ronald Wilson Reagan.

UPDATE: This comes off as way more scathing and radical than I am. I don't beleive that George Bush thinks he's a terrorist, but I think that he has commited terrorist-like crime. And the picture I found was a little too priceless to pass up. I'm generally not this mean spirited.

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Texture said...

I agree - Bush is a terrorist. You don't have to be radical to move logically in linear fashion.

Pronunciation: 'ter-&r-"i-z&m
Function: noun
: the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

Yeah, that sounds about right.