Sunday, January 15, 2006


Here's another snippet from Man Without a Country.

I loved the book and I think Kurt Vonnegut is a king among writers. Here's a good snippet:

And I realise some of you may be having trouble deciding whether I am kidding or not. So from now on I will tell you when I'm kidding.

For instance, join the National Guard or the Marines and teach democracy. I'm kidding.

We are about to be attacked by al-Qaida. Wave flags if you have them. That always seems to scare them away. I'm kidding.

Within a day or two we'll also put together a list of Sundance movies that we are planning on seeing. Whether we get to or not is anybody's guess. But we'll also get some reviews up for the ones we like.

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Anonymous said...

seems to be down... I was going to e-mail you about this but your e-mail is at the same domain, so I thought it might not reach you...