Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Academy at it again

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences once again is stupid.

I don't care what you have to say about Revenge of the Sith as a film, the special effects certainly warranted a nomination. As did the costumes and the sound.

Also, Period Pieces need to be disqualified from the "Best Costume" design category. It's admirable that these Costume Designers can do some research and copy some period costumes out of books, but check out the costume design in movies like Star Wars. It takes a lot more work, in my opinion. Also, I was told by costume experts that the costumes in Pride & Prejudice weren't accurate any how.

I don't know. I shouldn't be worked up. These awards don't mean anything. Remember how best picture 1997 was Titanic when it was up against As Good as it Gets and LA Confidential? Remember how the Matrix won best sound and visual effects over Phantom Menace? Clearly, these people are morons.

They're lucky Jon Stewart is hosting, otherwise I probably wouldn't even bother this year.

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Pseudonymous Flog said...

You will be singing a totally different tune of praise when Brokeback Mountain wins an Oscar for Best Film.