Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sundance Part 3

Well. More Sundance stuff. I doubt most of you care though.

Michel Gondry's film "The Science of Sleep" sold for $6 million to Warner Independant. It's got Gael Garcia Bernal in it. I've heard good things about it and Michel Gondry directed one of the best movies ever (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).

Also, Elias keeps telling me that we should try to see "American Hardcore" which is a documentary about the early roots of the punk movement. It's playing at midnight this Saturday.

The parking situation up there kind of made me pissed off at first, but now that I've gotten used to the idea it's really good. You park up in Deer Valley (which is a couple of miles out of town) and then take a free bus in. The busses run, for free, until 2:20 am. It's actually gotten easier to park, even though you're parking farther away.

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