Thursday, January 12, 2006

Impeach Bush

The murmurings have begun and it's bi-partisan. Republicans and Democrats are pissed off about the illegal warrentless wiretaps and accountability needs to be held.

Arlen Specter is going to hold hearings. That's a step. People are talking openly about the need for impeachment. That's another step. Bush broke the law and went against the Constitution. That's a huge step.

It looks like this might happen. But at the end of the day, what's it going to do? In a best case scenario, he's impeached and removed his office. But that's also the worse case scenario. Cheney succeds him. We're stuck with the architects of this oppresive regime until '08 regardless.

It's just frustrating to no end. But maybe at least by impeachment the world will know that American people are about as happy with Bush as they are.

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Anonymous said...

Some guest on AirAmerica opined that the Republicans will try and turn 2006 elections into a referendem on Bush and impeaching Bush.

The person'ss thought was that if the right boils things down (as they like to do) to a "Impeach Bush" vs. a "Don't Impeach Bush" question most voters would come down on the Don't Impeach side and therefore would be inclined to vote Republican.

Seems like a rediculous idea to me but what do I state voted for Kerry. I was astounded that last election pivoted to some degree on the gay marrage issue.

I think the primary focus is to get people into Washington that will hold hearings and perform investigations.

~Foo Fighter~

If impeachment procedings come from said be it.