Thursday, January 26, 2006


This is probably only important to me and like three other people in the world but I care, so that's what is important.

Here is the link to the trailer to Robotech: Shadow Chronicles. For all of you who wondered what ever happend to Admiral Rick Hunter and the SDF-3, this should answer those questions.

Robotech helped shape my youth and I still watch it with my son now and again. It's an amazing piece of science fiction. I would highly recomend it to anyone who's a fan of good sci-fi. It's just a really, really entertaining. Cheesy at times, but entertaining and excellent.

"You're proud of being a killer, Roy?"
-Rick Hunter to Commander Roy Fokker


Anonymous said...

I never watched Robotech as I assumed it was a ripoff of Battletech. Is it?

For my part I'm patiently waiting for the Mechwarrior movie. I understand the guy who made Eight Legged Freaks has the rights to make Mechwarrior.

~Foo Fighter~

Bryan said...

Robotech is the genuine article. Battletech is actually the ripoff.

Mechwarrior games always kicked ass.