Monday, January 23, 2006

Sundance Part 2

Sundance is officially too big for its britches. I spent two hours in line in 14 degree weather for a movie (The Illusionist) playing in an 1,800 seat theatre (the Eccles) and I didn't even get a wait-list number for a chance to get a ticket. It looked like a good movie and anything set in 1900 Vienna with illusionists and magicians as leads (particularly Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti and Rufus Sewell) seemed like a good time to me. Steve got into their afterparty, but I couldn't get into the movie.

This is the first time I showed up to a movie at Sundance with more than 25 minutes to start time and I didn't get in.

I ended up driving to a Salt Lake venue and watching Woody Allen's Hitchcock-esque "Match Point" which was very good.

I spent a considerable amount of time on Main Street yesterday as well. Elias and I opined previously that a filmmaker going to Park City's Main Street during the festival is the High School equivalent of going to the mall. You go there even though there's nothing to do and the food is overpriced and you just hang out and see if you spot any of the cool kids you happen to know or want to know.

You also have to avoid the dumb kids and the scenesters.

Steve has been having a lot of luck at parties though, and I'll let him explain those when he's good and ready. We've all been passing out and recieving copious amounts of business cards and organizing meetings. Hopefully we can parlay that into some cool announcements soon.

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