Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Pictures from Day 3. Click to enlarge:


Green Jenni said...

What's the best question that's been asked about the film in Sweden?

anne said...

Doubt you are asking me, but I was at one of the viewings. I'm an American who has lived in Sweden for the last 10 years and was very interested in the questions asked. One that struck me was (and I paraphrase) 'We see this and we laugh, but then we go home and think more about it and get depressed because Americans are so stupid. Is there any hope?' The implied question to me was america is clearly a superpower and if they act so ridiculously, should we just give up all hope?
The other question I recall was 'Where were all the women?' That one struck me as I didn't even notice there were very few, if any, women speaking out.

Anyway, I loved the film, the audience loved it, my Swedish friends who saw it loved it and I'll be sure to make sure as many people see it as possible when it is released in Scandinavia!

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