Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sundance Part 4

I went up with Elias today because we had to pass some stuff off to some people and we decided to split up and try to see some movies. Elias got into "In Between Days" and I'll let him write up a piece about that.

I got in the wait line for "KZ" a documentary about the holocaust and struck out.

Sundance - 2, Bryan - 0.

I met a student there who'd seen "This Divided State" as well. He said it was one of the best documentaries he'd ever seen.

I also picked up a flyer for a blog about Sundance. They had postcards everywhere, so I assumed that it would be big and have some pretty in depth coverage, but it looks like our coverage is more comprehensive. Who knows if they'll pull it together by the end of the festival though.

We also went to the box office to see if we couldn't get tickets to the 11:30 Wristcutters tonight. No luck. They need less films and more venues.

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