Friday, January 20, 2006

24 Hour Film Festival

I went to watch 3 hours of 3-minute 24-hour shorts last night at the LDS film festival. There's a reason real film festivals do shorts programs of an hour or so, divided up by theme or genre. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the order of shorts shown, so you'd get a bad one, a good one, a funny one, a dramatic one and so on. There should have been 3 programs: Comedy, Drama and under 18. That way, any one person would only have to suffer through a third of the program.

As far as how we did, I think we went over peoples heads and we tried to fit too much in to a 3 minute short. Besides, I don't think anyone in the audience had seen "On the Waterfront" or "Psycho." Technically, ours was one of the best. As far as audience reaction, it was decidedly lukewarm.

I also felt bad for laughing at most of the dramatic ones. But... They deserved it.

On top of that, Tuesday morning at 10 am for the next 2 Tuesdays, you'll find me at the SCERA. This Tuesday, they're showing "North by Northwest" and the Tuesday after "Guns of Navarone." Both on 35mm prints. It'll be good times for sure.


Bryan said...

Just for clarification: I don't think ours was the best, although certainly I believe it was in the top ten. The best was the riff on Sidney Lumet's 12 angry men.

And yes, I do think "Psycho" and "On the Waterfront" are over the heads of most film students.

Goatee Gatteau said...

I will pay you 50,000 dollars if you let me post my comments.

you might end up looking dumb,

but 50,000 DOLLARS!!!!!!*


but in all seriousness, I would like to see that documentary that steve made about that goat!

*do you accept post-dated checks?