Sunday, January 08, 2006


I saw "MUNICH" last night. It is a haunting masterpiece. I don't want to elaborate too much in reviewing the film, because I don't think words can describe it. It was both a horror film and a religious film. It poses the universal question, "How do you respond to a violent attack against your country?" Do you respond with more violence? Do you harshly punish those responsible through killing, murdering, and bombing? If so, do you win? How is victory defined? Is it possible to vanguish an enemy by killing them? Or, in more modern terms, is it even possible to win "the war on terror"? What "Munich" says is "No! Victory through vengence will never be possible".

Violence begets violence. Hate begets hate. Monsters beget monsters. Kill a terrorist and three more pop up. Invade Iraq and remove Saddam, 40 more Saddams pop up. Jesus Christ, is it really that tough a concept? For God's sake, murder is murder is murder is murder. "Munich" says "Humanity will never learn".

P.S. My wife said that the movie "bored her to death" and many people around me were actually LAUGHING during the horrific and graphic murder scenes. As if they were watching some Vin Diesel action flick. Fucking Utahns. I lose faith in America every day.


Peter said...

I responded on Bryan's Munich post. I saw this film in New York and everyone seemed to be paying attention. As we walked out of the theater we all just sort of stared at each other in this intense way, as if to say, "Did you see what I just saw?"

It was great.

Bryan said...

It's okay Steve, America loses faith with you every day too

Anonymous said...

Help me, help me!

There is another movie that recounts the hunting of the Munich Terrorists but the name escapes me.

I am certain I saw some of the assasinations scenes before, most notably the first one in the appartment foyer, and the hit on the Belgein woman.

Of course Munich is a great film with excellent characters.

~Foo Fighter~