Friday, January 27, 2006

DIVIDED STATE in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

THIS DIVIDED STATE opened theatrically this week at The Plaza Theatre in Calgary. (That's somewhere in Canada). Tonight, we received an email from someone who had just attended a screening:

"Dear filmmakers -

I just arrived home from viewing your film in Calgary Alberta Canada. I myself am an upstanding tithe-paying returned-missionary relief-society sister and was quite fascinated by the fracas surrounding the visit of M. Moore to UVSC.

I regret that probably very few members of the church took the opportunity to see this film in Calgary, as it really makes one consider the folly of using religion as a justification for contention and narrow-mindedness, war mongering and hate mongering.

It was a good reminder to me to never be too smug about the "superiority" of my religious beliefs and an impetus for me to remain true to my left-leaning political views.

Thanks for your documentary. Keep it up.

Kathryn Davies
(B.A., Philippines San Pablo Mission 2002-2003, Institute graduate)"

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