Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mission Accomplished?

Today was one of the bloodiest days ever in the Iraq conflict. Among the dead: at least 130 Iraqi civilians, a number of Iraqi police (and people waiting in line to become police) and 5 American soldiers.

I blame two parties: The first is obviously the insurgency. They carried out these horrible attacks and killed people, that's never a good thing. But it needs to be understood that there are shades of grey to the argument. This is where the other party comes in. It's the chief architects of this ill-conceived and ill-advised fiasco: the hawks in the Bush Administration.

"Why? Why is it their fault? They didn't kill anyone one of those people personally..."

Because they created the environment and they allowed a political process to occur that increases it's sectarian divisions on a daily basis and continues to marginalize one specific group of Iraqi's. They've allowed this sectarian government to flourish in the name of "democracy" but the only thing they seem to accomplish is the further marginalization of the Sunni population. If you were increasingly marginalized in a war zone, wouldn't you take up arms, too?

Again, I'm not defending the insurgents, but I think the blame should be spread equally to the political climate that has been fostered by the Bush Administration.

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