Monday, October 03, 2005

...With a Vengeance.

After enjoying a thick stack of pancakes swimming in 100% all natural maple syrup, Steve and Bryan should be returning from Canada today to regail us all with stories about how they became the belles of the ball at the 24th annual Vancouver Film Festival, where their very masculinity was put to the test by way of burnt and bitter Starbucks coffee and nightly spooning in order to keep from dying a lumberjacks death of hypothermia or abduction by Sasquatch.

Last I heard, things were going swimmingly for this dynamic duo as Minority films seemed to be the only entity that saw fit to bring promotional materials to the festival. These big-shots don't even try sometimes, it truly boggles the mind.

There's still more than a week to until the Vancouver Film Festival churns to a halt, but I know that "This Divided State" made a good dimpression, and win, loose or... win, the international film festival circuit has not seen the last of these Utah filmmakers with winning smiles and go-get-em attitudes, oh yes, we shall return. We shall... Return.

Stay tuned for news on upcoming projects.

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