Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Budget Cuts

I read this in the Washington Post: Planned GOP Budget Cuts Target Programs Such as Foster Care. This is mind-boggling. Taking slices out of Medicaid, Foster-care and pension protection programs seem like stupid things to sacrifice in order to pay for Iraq and federal disaster relief efforts. I think a good way to sacrifice is to raise taxes. I know on the surface that sounds ridiculous, but how far do you think we would have got against Germany if Roosevelt engaged in the war, then started cutting taxes, axing social welfare programs and didn't make calls for conservation and recycling and rationing of vital supplies?

Why have we not been asked to sacrifice? Why won't George Bush come out and say, "In order to pay for my war of choice and the mounting costs of disaster relief, I need to scale back on my tax cuts. As soon as we emerge victorious in this road to democracy in the Middle East, we'll be able to bring you back your tax cuts. Additionally, in order to keep our country running smoothly in these times of strife and to lessen the economic impacts of this war, I would ask that you only drive when completely necessary. Conserve gas, ride your bicycles and carpool. And this winter, be sure to lower your thermostat and wear a sweater. And you rich folks out there, be sure to cut down on the excesses of your class."

Instead, the message we get is this: "We're gonna be cutting taxes and funding to vital social programs and will offer you no idea as of to how we're going to pay for Katrina and the war on Iraq. We'll not leave it to our kids though, even though that's really what we're doing."

What is the value of reducing funding to vital social safety nets? Why can't we just expire the Bush tax cuts? The purpose of the government is to provide for the good of the people and the common defense. I think the common defense includes taking care of our own. But I believe in Democratic Socialism, so how far can you really take my word?


Anonymous said...

I just stopped in to remind you about the money system again, don't buy any of the games being played by any parties about these government programs. Medicaid is controlled by big pharma, and western medicine is not the solution. All of it is about control and money, i know you know this. These programs have noting to do with good health and eating right. They are designed to get people on these drugs and be dependant on them and other things. I hope more people see that. Ever wonder how big pharma got so big, ever since the government started funding it years ago, it has grown into a huge cancer, just like the federal government today. The federal government is not bound by budgets, the FED just prints the money out of thin air anyway. Don't expect Bush or any president nor politician to help you, except Ron Paul from Texas, he has some good ideas.
Also, raising taxes is a good idea, just remember that taxes do not pay for programs. The secret tax is inflation, we all pay the price for that when the fed enjoys the benefits of inflation.
Also, most if not all government social programs are destined to fail and be abused. The government is not in the business of taking care of us, it is in the business of protecting our rights, of which we are loosing every day.
Bush is not a conservative, plain and simple.
Bush is paying for the war by asking congress for money and where does congress get it from, not from us, but from the FED, and they get it from where?, Nowhere, they just print it and borrow it into existence.
Don't forget to check out the book "The Creature from Jekyll Island" It will let u know the story about the Federal Reserve and our current money system.

Thanks again for the blog, i enjoy stopping in here once and a while.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say above that "Also, if you think raising taxes is a good idea, just remember that taxes do not pay for programs."

I left out the words "if you think"

Anonymous said...

Also, The Federal Reserve is a Cartel, a shared monopoly.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a talk on the federal reserve.
It is about an hour and is by the writer of the Creature From Jekyll Island, G. Edward Griffen.