Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Daily Universe

BYU's Daily Universe ran a review of "This Divided State" and quite an interesting Q and A with Steve. I wonder if there is going to be a backlash of any type for one of the responses Steve gave. His parting thought with the Q and A was that it was "okay to be a liberal Mormon".*

I can already hear, from 5 miles away, the gears working overtime in the heads of students there, trying to process such an odd concept. Liberal and religious? Liberal and MORMON? How interesting, how bizarre. How can this be?

*UPDATE: That was only his parting thought in the print version. The online version is much more extensive.


Cody C. said...

Hey, if discussing the intersection of politics and religion interests you, maybe you could start out by being a bit less condescending and a bit more informed. BYU has an active democrats group, not to mention eco-response, the club formerly known as voice, and plenty of students with liberal sympathies who are not associated with any particular political organization. There are people both at BYU and members of the church who have nuanced political views that don't boil down to name calling and easy dismissal.

Steven Greenstreet said...

Yeah, Cody, agreed. Bryan never went to BYU, I did. And I can tell you that even though BYU has those Democrats and Eco-Response clubs, they are merely "pat-on-the-head" clubs. A kind of "that's nice" response from everyone else. I actually interviewed the Democrats at BYU last year on camera. They all had a consensus that is was a uphill battle trying convince people that liberals aren't evil or have "moral issues". One of them even said that she'd been told that she "must support gay sex" if she was a liberal. So I agree that we shouldn't boil it down to name calling and easy dismissal. Only when it's deserved. And at BYU, there are a lot of ignorant fools.