Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Post

I was going to write this big epic post about Samuel Alito and how I thought that he was a big Conservative tool and whatnot.

Then I started thinking about the position that a judge has, especially one on the Supreme Court. The job is inherently non-partisan. I hate deferring to an analogy from someone who seems a bit sketchy, but John Roberts had it right: It's not the job of a justice to make rules, it's his job to make calls on them like an umpire in a baseball game. An umpire can't be rooting for one team or another, he has to apply the rules, not bend them to one party's ideology or another.

I don't know if John Roberts will be able to do that, but he's given an assurance that he will. That's really all I can ask. If he doesn't play by that standard, he can be impeached.

I'll be fine if Alito can give me that non-partisan, umpire like assurance. If not, Democrats should fillibuster the shit out of him.

Also, when the democrats take control of the senate and white house, they can add two more justices if they want...

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