Monday, October 10, 2005

American Terrorist

I think this proves more than anything that George Bush and those closest to him are terrorists.

Why would you veto a bill based soley on the fact that it would force you to no longer perpetrate torture and inhumane cruelty? Truly these men have evil in their hearts. The scary part about it is that they don't know they have evil in their hearts. They're too concerned about making a buck than saving their souls (if they have any left among them.)

I think people of both sides can generally agree that vetoing this measure would be against the will of the people. I think people of both sides will generally agree on their mutual outrage at this. He's going to have a helluva time explaining this one in the media. Our country is founded on the idea that all men (American born or not) were created equal and should be held to the high moral standards of our laws and rights. We want that for everyone. So why should we deny it to enemy combatants? Love thine enemy.

The whole ship is sinking. Americans don't want to see themselves as the bad guy. If we can't even promise to stop torturing people, then not only are we the bad guy, but we need to be put down and fast.

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