Thursday, October 06, 2005

9 out of 10 Senators vote against torture

So, there was a vote about the military spending bill and a number of Senators added on riders that will outlaw torture and force the government to play by the rules of the Geneva convention.

It's about damn time. I wonder what those 9 senators that voted against it were thinking. Regardless, this bill will get a veto despite the obvious will of the people. What does that say about the leader of the free world if he vetoes bills that help make it more free? (Did that last sentence even make any sense?)

The biggest problem I see with this legislation, however, is that the Bush Regime is incapable of changing it's ways. Therefore, we'll see all of these abuses swept under the rug, hidden in back rooms and the documents reporting them will be classified and then reclassified. The Regime argues that this would tie their hands behind their back in a time of war. I say good. If we can't win a war based on the merit of the cause and need torture and abuse to win it, then I'd say it's not worth winning.

If we're going to fight in this conflict, a conflict with the potential to cause instability the world over, and we can't do it under the principles and morals this country was founded on, then I say that the war has no principal or moral value. Do unto others... If we pretend to be a Christian nation, then tell me who Jesus would torture if he needed information? No one comes to my mind. It seems to me that nothing in the Bible would suggest that it would be okay to torture your enemy. In fact, maybe I'm remembering this from something else (I'm not terribly versed in the Bible) but doesn't it say in there somewhere to love thine enemy? Let's fight them with good deeds, not weapons. Let's treat them with dignity and respect when they are in our detainment facilities, at that point we can hope they would do the same for us.

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