Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Our 250th post

This is post #250 for our blog and I'm pissing it away on a media update.

One Good Move: They posted this review chiding people to buy the DVD. I like that.

Media Mouse: Here's a flyer for a lecture that Bob Fitrakas, one of the lead investigators into the election fraud of 2004 in Ohio, is holding. After the lecture he will be screening This Divided State. (Warning, this link goes to a .pdf)

Bafflegabber: Here's some interesting and fairly well-written commentary about some clips of the film that ifilm posted.

Bloggernacle Times
: Here's a review of the film that chides you to read another review.

Maybe I'll be back later for some "riveting political commentary." Or maybe it's not so riveting. Or maybe I'll just talk about how great a movie "Ghostbusters" is.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring our site. Your film clips were a big hit with us!