Sunday, October 30, 2005

Rove's Resignation

I think it's time for Karl Rove to resign. I'm not the only one and I think it's high time.

I just want to relate one story about Karl Rove that may or not be news to you, and ask if this is the kind of man we want in politics on either side of the political spectrum:

During the Repiblican Primaries leading to the 2000 election, when John McCain was trouncing Bush, Rove masterminded a push polling campaign. Basically what he did was organize a "poll" of registered Republicans and likely voters in the primary. The poll was very pointed and without specifically stating as much, insinuated things about McCain that were damaging to his image, although nothing was out of place. McCain has an adopted black daughter. Rove had these pollsters call up likely voters and say, "Would you be more or less likely to vote for Senator McCain if you knew he had an illegitimate black daughter?" Less obviously. Then they see that McCain is using a fmaily portrait in his commercials and see a black daughter and they ask themselves, "Is that girl illegitimate?" Who do you think they're going to vote for now? An alcoholic draft-dodger or an interracial philanderer? To a voting block that thinks the only "real crimes" are sexual, I'm betting they'd go with the draft-dodging alcoholic.

This is creepy and ugly.

This is Karl Rove.

In order to bring honor back to politics, men like him must go. Men like him on both sides of politics (I'm sure there are democratic counterparts to Rove) need to be tarred and feathered and removed from our political process. Don't get me wrong. The man is brilliant and he has so much respect from me because he does his job almost too well. But we need to remove the need for his job.

They need to step aside so democracy can actually work, not just pretend to.

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