Friday, October 14, 2005

Greg Palast Article

I really like Greg Palast. His reports are in depth, well researched and well written. His book "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" is as informative as it is infuriating.

Here's some news censored in the U.S. that he was able to sneak onto the BBC.

Basically, according to him, the move into Iraq was nothing but an Imperialist step on the march of Corporate Globalization.

It's a good read and some more good viewing. All of his BBC reports are online.

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LindseyD said...

I've followed Palast for 3 years. He ain't no yellow journalist, and certainly no muckraker. People should be allowed to ask questions in a civilized democracy, right? I suppose he hits the point in school where asking too many questions become "annoying", even though they supposedly say "all questions welcomed".