Sunday, October 23, 2005


It's awesome that people want to see the film, but buy it man. We're poor.

It seems as though 317 people have downloaded the movie from a bit torrent site.

Seriously, you should buy it from Amazon instead of stealing it.

Movie Piracy is evil, no kidding. But I guess getting bootlegged is a high form of flattery I suppose.

UPDATE: In spectacular Orwellian fashion one of the other team members here revised my post to get rid of the link to the bit torrent site. Just for the sake of clarification, I wanted everyone to know that I didn't delete it. It's my policy to post all links, good or bad and I doubt the 20 of you who frequent the site would actually bootleg it.


Anonymous said...

I would just like to say, that in theory, some people say I could have maybe been, but probably not, one of the people to download this film via bit torrent. But due to it's excellent content, I have purchased the DVD via Amazon.

I would just like to point out that you should not feel insulted, betrayed, or even cut short because people are downloading your film. There is a large unspoken movement online consisting of mainly [broke] college kids who are sick and tired of the mainstream media that, unfortunately, you and I are all too familiar with. This thing called bit torrent acts as a breath of fresh air for us. A free, independent portal to ideas and viewpoints that aren't constructed at a marketing meeting and doesn't need to be cleared by a board of directors. Finally, the "filters, filters, filters!" can be removed, and some of us need this to maintain our sanity in this crazy society. I wouldn't look at bit torrent as some evil software to download movies illegally, but instead a portal of unfiltered content - a true blessing to our society. Don't believe the hype from the MPAA, etc. You've seen the crap coming out of Hollywood the last few years, it's not worth the $9.50, nor the bandwidth. Bit torrent is about releasing the grip from corporations, telling us what to watch and what to believe. If you take a look around online, even in just the last 6 months, independent TV shows (called IPTV) have been springing up all over the place - and bit torrent is essential to it's distribution. So please don't look at bit torrent as a curse, but instead an extremely valuable tool to further independent media as a whole.

I'm not trying to rationalize downloading copyrighted content at all - it IS wrong. But when the alternative is FOX, CNN, or MTV, you can understand that a starving, understimulated mind is just begging to be fed. This is far from evil.

If your primary intent was to promote knowledge and idea, then you have succeeded, and that's for damn sure. But that doesn't nullify the fact that this film took a lot of invested time, money and effort (it shows). It's only right that you receive what you've earned. You got my $16, and I'd encourage anyone else who downloaded and enjoyed this film to do the same. Besides, if they're going out of their way to download a documentary with the intent of expanding their mind and understanding, chances are they are good people and respect your efforts put in this film.

Try to keep two things in mind. First, I would not have found this film had it not been for bit torrent, meaning I would not have purchased it. Second, you are doing society a HUGE favor with this kind of content, for pay or not - so THANK YOU!

Just keep in mind there are many like me. If they can afford it and it's worth it, they'll buy it (I say this as i have <$200 in my checking).

Again, thank you for this film. I hope nothing I have said has insulted any of you or the time that was put into this. You have provided a great service, and I am happy to return it with my purchase. I apologize for the long and unstructured post, but I figured you'd all really appreciate hearing from someone who initially found this via bit torrent. If you have a response, I'd be very interested in hearing it as well!

Bryan said...

I have to say I don't feel insulted. Like I said, it's one of the highest forms of flattery. And I'd be dishonest if I said I didn't download Outfoxed before it was available. I did get a copy after I saw it though.

That's sort of my rule, don't download unless you plan to buy. I don't think that's stealing...

Anonymous said...

I'm currently trying to find this on Bittorrent, and here's the reason why:
I live in Sweden, so rarities like this are hard to come by, without having to pay a quite hefty shipping fee, and seeing how I'm hired as a temporary substitute, and just finished what in America would be High School, it's not really within my price range.

Hopefully in the future, there'll be a nice easy way to download/stream legally, that way, I'll be able to see what I want without having to conform to what's available, and the film industry can continue thriving without making broad, dumbed down entertainment.