Thursday, October 06, 2005

Big Surprise: Mormon Movies are GAY

The movie about a Mormon Boy Band, "Sons of Provo", is actually a Gay Porno? Halestorm Entertainment, the cinematic geniuses that brought us "Mormons and Mobsters" and "The Singles Ward" have suddenly provided the world's biggest freudian slip. Thousands of quaint Mormon families across the nation purchased "Sons of Provo", a film that chronicles the adventures of 3 super-nice, Mormon Jesus-Freaks dressed in black leather and fish nets as they try to sing their way to salvation. But instead of feature length Elementary-Schoolesque humor, Norman Rockwellian families were treated with "Adore: Diary of a Porn Star". Halestorm Entertainment is offering $100 to buy back all the "defective" DVDs. Maybe they should use that money to pay for the Psychiatric Distress bills of all the Mormons wives who discover that their husbands decided to keep the "Sons of Provo" DVD hidden in their tool kits.

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cowboy said...

You should have heard the screams of horror and outrage from one of my co-workers when they picked up a copy of Angels in American DVD at the local video rental shop.

They thought it was going to be religiously uplifting video for the whole family.

And I still maintain it is.