Sunday, October 30, 2005

Rove's loyalties

Since I wrote that last post I've been thinking alot about Karl Rove and talking about him to some people, too.

I think the deciding factor in what Karl Rove will do in the coming months is 100% dependent on where his loyalties lie. There are two scenarios here and they both depend completely on where his loyalty is.

Scenario 1) Karl Rove's loyalty is with George Bush and he will do everything he can to keep all of the various scandals and political woes as far from the offices of Bush and Cheney as possible. This also includes feeding Scooter Libby to the lions as he knows that he can keep even that away from his boys. Basically, in this scenario, he goes down on a sinking ship, polishing the brass as best he can so the legacy of the administration is tarnished as little as possible when it's finally sunk. Democrats will gain seats in the midterms and most likely take the White House in '08.

Scenario 2) Karl Rove's loyalty is with his party and he's going to resign and jump ship. He realizes that Bush's wing of the party had its 15 minutes of fame but Moderate Republicans and Americans in general, left and right, are sick of their extreme right-wing lunacy. (Whether Rove agrees that it's lunacy or not is up in the air, I'm the one who views it as lunacy.) He attaches himself to John McCain or some other Moderate Republican and brings his party back to victory, poising themselves for gains or at least a stalemate in the midterm and in another term in the White House for the '08 election.

It pains me to think that Rove has this much power, but I think he does. I think that if he were to jump ship and graft himself to a moderate that he would sail his party into a much better position. If he stays in the administration, he's just part of the sinking ship.

But like I said, this all comes down to where his loyalties are stongest. I know he loves his party, but does he love Bush as much?

I think it's an interesting question to ponder. Please, help me ponder it in the comments below. Tell me if I'm way off base or if you think I might be on to something.

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Graham Jones said...

Food for thought.