Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bourgeois Politicians

Bill Frist is involved in a stock scandal the likes of which haven't been seen since Martha Stewart. I know this isn't news to any of you who read this blog. Those of you who do read this, we few, we happy few, certainly found no surprise when these allegations were made. Frist is getting a subpoena now. This also comes as no shock.

This is sad. We are so desensitized to dirty and corrupt and evil men, like Bill Frist, working for us in our government that nothing surprises us. But the fact that this man owns stock in the first place is a tip-off. Why can't we have some of our elected officials come from the "too-poor-to-have-ever-owned-stock" category? We need Mr. Smith to go back to Washington. That way, when Mr. Smith does something wrong, we can all be shocked again. And we'll be so shocked we'll do something about it and quickly.

We've become too complacent with our leaders. We so readily give up the fact that they are corrupt that we almost don't care when they are. And when it's one of our own, we try defending them to the death. Let's try something different. Let's take all of these rich fat-cat politicians. Your Bill Frists, your Tom Delays. Let's throw these assholes to the wolves. Let's remake the law so that an indictment of any felony charge while your sitting in office, no matter how small or large that office may be, you are gone. Let's scare these people straight.

Let's make the law work for us for a change. And let's call private campaign contributions what they are: BRIBES. I say, we should change the laws so that you must recuse yourself of any vote on a law that affects an industry you've recieved money from. That way, there's no conflict of interest. And if we catch these bone-heads voting anyway, we throw them in stocks and kick them down the steps of the Capitol. And if a company you're involved in gets a no-bid contract working in a region you helped destabilize with your shoddy decision making (*cough*halliburton*cough*) then you should be thrown off the top of the Capitol building with an anvil strapped to your ankles.

I'm sorry if I sound a little harsh. I can't tolerate corruption. I can't tolerate people who have their own interests in their heart over the interests of the people.

These people sicken me. Especially Dick Cheney. Fuck that guy.

I think my point is, we should trust our leaders enough to be surprised when they've done something wrong. I don't want this to be the norm. And those that hold themselves to higher Christian standards ought to know better. I don't know when Jesus taught that Chrisitianity was there to help you get rich. Last I checked we'd be judged by how we treated the least among us. And if you look around, it seems as though the Republican controlled White House, Congress and Senate are failing the least among us in spades.

I feel like we can do better.

To be honest, I just don't know how at this point.

(I apologize if this post isn't that well written. I'm sort of writing this in a fit of anger. I'll be around to revise it into something less than the turd that it is as the next few days go by.)

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