Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Military Recruiting Campaign

I sort of don't know what to make of this. Since the recruiting effort is in such bad shape, the military is now working on a $10 MILLION ad campaign targeted at those who influence the decisions of those they're trying to recruit (teachers, parents, etc.). Now, I'm not exactly opposed to the military doing its job recruiting, but aren't there better uses for $10 million dollars? Instead of all that money on a campaign, can't George Bush or Donald Rumsfeld get on TV every week or so and plead with parents to allow their kids to join the military? Or they could spend that money on ads that say: If you support the war, come fight in it. But spending that much money trying to convince parents they should send their kids to the war seems a little ridiculous.

Here's a novel idea, what if they spent that money to properly equip the troops? Maybe outfit them with what they need to meet whatever goals we have in Iraq this week. Maybe we could give those brave enough to fight in this war of choice for us a raise. Or we could forgive their military debts when they come back wounded. Or maybe we could throw that $10 million back into their VA medical benefits. I would even rather see it used as a signing bonus for the Bush twins.

I think the last thing we, as taxpayers, need to foot the bill for is a marketing campaign for the military. Especially ads that aren't even targeted to those who would be fighting, nee dying, in this war of choice.

Maybe I'm wrong, but this just seems outrageous.


Bob said...

$10 Million could buy some armor.


Karl said...

Thanks for asking the obvious question: If you support the war and are eligible to serve, why haven't you let your local military recruiters know?