Thursday, December 22, 2005

THIS DIVIDED STATE, a battle of free speech

"THIS DIVIDED STATE"... Michael Moore comes to Utah, some Mormons try to kill him, a battle of free speech between red and blue.

For a short time only, the first 26 minutes of this controversial film will be available to watch or download FOR FREE on the website,

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Information on the film:

"Filmmaking Gold!…Extremely Moving…" -The New York Times
"Excellent!...A Fascinating And Infuriating Story…" -TV Guide
"A Fascinating Film!...See It!" -Robert Greenwald, Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price

"THIS DIVIDED STATE" is a documentary about liberal filmmaker Michael Moore's controversial visit to the "red" state of Utah 2 weeks before the 2004 election. Religious Mormons and local conservatives rose up in protest of Moore and began a crusade to cancel his speech. FOX NEWS' Sean Hannity came out one week before Moore to offer a conservative point of view, but it just added to the mounting chaos. Protest, bribery and even death threats descended upon a small, quiet Mormon town and some even claimed that Moore's arrival would usher in the Apocalypse.

A controversial film about the "divided state" of civil discourse in America and the ongoing battle of "red versus blue" ideology. Free speech on the rocks...

NOTE: The first 26 minutes of the film are available for a limited time on the website.

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