Friday, December 09, 2005

The Soul of the American People

This says it all:
Citgo Petroleum Corp., which is controlled by the Venezuelan government, signed a deal with three Bronx housing nonprofits to sell 5 million gallons of heating oil at 45 percent below the market rate, an estimated savings of $4 million. The discounted oil will heat 75 Bronx apartment buildings, housing 8,000 low-income working poor and elderly tenants.

"A lot of families are struggling," said Lenice Footman, who hopes her $600 monthly rent will be reduced. Neighbor Dionne Morales agreed, saying she is overlooking the criticism directed at Chavez. "If he can give oil to my country and help the lives of my community, I'm impressed," she said.

"The government should have done it," said Shirley Manuel, 52, a tenants' rights activist, wrapped up tightly in her wheelchair. "This is their country, this is their people -- they should be taking care of their own."
I really can't say anything more about this than the excerpts of the article I posted above. Hugo Chavez is doing more to positively affect the lives of the poverty-stricken in American than George Bush is.

These are the kinds of deals Democrats should be brokering if they want to win in office. "Compassionate" Conservatives wouldn't be able to keep up with this kind of compassion. They would mop up in the elections.

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