Sunday, December 11, 2005

Elizabethtown and Syriana

On Friday night I saw one of the best films of the year. On Saturday night, I saw one of the worst.

Friday night I was able to see Syriana and it was an amazing film. It didn't play down to the audience and let you put the story together yourself. You're shown five small pictures of a thrilling political story and are forced to connect the dots all by yourself. It's like a Jack Ryan movie, only good and less insulting to the audience. It has a biting social commentary that's relevant to everything the American Government has done to a foreign country in the last twenty years and it's relevant to what the Administration is still doing. I would advise seeing it.

Now. Go see it.

On Saturday night I decided I had nothing better to do and saw Elizabethtown. It was not good. Far from it. In fact, it was the opposite of good. Cameron Crowe needs to stop making Cameron Crowe movies. He's too in love with his own style. Elizabethtown was like a bizarro, shitty version of Garden State. And Orlando Bloom puts in a performance on par with Cary Elwes' in Saw. Yes, it was that bad. Why won't directors let him speak above a harsh whisper? I don't get it. And Crowe actually forces Kirsten Dunst to suck. I mean, she's not the best actress or anything, but she can turn in a performance. Anyone else seen Spiderman? Basically, if I had to pick two words to describe this motion picture, they would be: "Fecal" and "Preposterous." "Pretentious" and "Shitty" would be the top two runners-up. I would advise against seeing it. At all costs.

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