Friday, December 16, 2005

Saturday Shorts

There is a huge update over at Saturday Shorts in the MEDIA section.

There's some stuff over there to watch that might need a little explaining. I'll just go down the list of short films.

First on there is the "Standing 8" teaser. "Standing 8" was a movie that Elias and I were trying to get off the ground a couple of years ago. This trailer is what we put together to show potential investors. If we had actually known any potential investors at that time, I'm sure it would have worked. Steve actually came on board as the AD on that project, that's actually how Elias and I met him.

The "Infidelity" teaser is the same story, it's just a couple of years older. Elias and I wrote the script with another friend (Ryan Williams) and he was planning on directing with Elias and I producing. That's how the trailer was put together as well.

I don't know anything about "Mikes first short film" beyond the fact that it's Mike Newman's first short film.

Next is Mucha Libre, which was a music video my little brother and I put together in about four hours. It's quite funny.

Next is Pirate Club Episode 2. Elias and I help Derek write the comic book and every once in a while we put together a little short film of the Pirate Club. I cut this one and enjoyed doing so.

Next is the Redemption which is something Paul Green and Dave Skousen and Joel put together for a 24 hour film festival.

Lastly is "Toy Aisle." Jason and Derek ad-libbed that in one take. So... yeah.

Go watch them. They're all pretty good or at the very least worth a chuckle.

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J-Ray said...

Interesting trailers, but I just wanted to say that I posted my own movie review of THIS DIVIDED STATE on my blog. It's at
and it's in the Thursday December 15th post.
Hope you get a chance to look at it. Love your blog, I read it almost every day. Keep up the good work.