Monday, December 19, 2005

A Hobo and His Coffee

I was going through the archives of Saturday Shorts and I found a couple of shorts that I'm actually still happy with. They were both experiments in a way.

The First was A Hobo and His Coffee. I love silent films and it's infinitely fascinating to see what ideas and emotions you can produce using intercut images and music. No words. No dialogue. A Hobo and His Coffee was an attempt at a poignant feeling and I think it comes across. For a silent film it might seem a little long but I think if you can manage to get through it, it's worth it.

The Second is Breather. This was just an experiment with sound and images. I wanted to record a monologue on a mini-cassette recorder and film some images to it. So I wrote a cheesy monologue and turned it over to Matthew J. Baird. Then I went in a cut it all wacky and I think to good effect.

Maybe I'm wrong though. Maybe this stuff sucks. But when you take into consideration both of them took about 6 hours to go from, "I want to shoot a short," to, "Okay, it's up on the internet," they seem like masterpieces.

Worse comes to worse, just check them out. I doubt you'll be mad at me for taking that 8 minutes of your time.

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