Friday, December 02, 2005


My guilty pleasure is science fiction films.

I really like them (except the Matrix, fuck those movies). I went and saw Serenity tonight and was quite pleasantly surprised. The problem with science fiction nowadays is that, generally, it sucks. This felt like a Kurosawa/Leone movie in space. It had some elements that I liked that felt a lot like some Heinlein I'd read in "The Past Through Tomorrow."

I really liked it.

It wasn't Star Wars or anything, but I really enjoyed it. Yes, you need to suspend disbelief here and there, but it was solid and most importantly entertaining.

Go see it, or at least rent it.

I know I'm going to get my hands on the TV series that it spun from now... and I can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

The series is quite good; space western with rebel edges. Plus it's funny.