Friday, December 16, 2005

Another Shot Fired in the War on Christmas

Soldiers conscripted in the War on Christmas

Congress took time out of their busy schedule to protect the symbols of Christmas.

And then Rep. John Dingell from Michigan had this to say about it. This is good times. I hope someone has footage of this.

Here's the Daily Kos analysis of the congressional debacle.

Here's another Daily Show clip.

The Fictitious war just needs to stop. At the point where congressmen and women are participating in this fabricated war and passing discriminatory legislation against non-Christmas holidays, things have gone too far.

The House of Representatives have illustrated for the second time in the last two months how little maturity they have. From their one line resolution for immediate pull-out that was merely a temper tantrum thrown because John Murtha was right, to actually passing legislation to protect the iconography of Christmas, they have proved without a shadow of a doubt they belong less in the Halls of Congress and more in the halls of a Junior High School.

So, if you want, send Jo Ann Davis a letter.
She's the congresswoman who introduced the "pro-Christmas" legislation and let her know that she has more important things to be doing.

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