Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Former 9/11 Commision

I want everyone to read this article and remember it the next time you hear a Bush administration official make the claim that they are making us safer.

Read this one here, too. This one comes from the Times of India.

People around the world are seeing the collosal failures of George Bush and he's not doing us any good.

And if I hear one more conservative shouting, "These people shouldn't be talking about the failures of the government, they're giving information to terrorists and making us less safe, blame them," I'm going to scream.

The only people who are at fault here is the Bush regime and the House and Senate, not people pointing out how badly they've failed.

And remember, this is what they ran their election on. They promised that they were making us safer and it was impossible for the opposition to do it. While it might have been impossible for the Democrats, then what makes them so unwilling now?

(photo courtesy: Freeway Blogger.)

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