Monday, December 05, 2005

Democrats Grow Balls, Become Confused...

I just hope they don't put a knife to their own testicles (or ovaries for you ladies out there). So we've had Democrats coming out of the WTF? Closet and begin to strongly attack the Bush Administration. Murtha, Reid, Boxer, Biden, etc seemed to have unzipped and discovered their own political balls.

How cute.

But, it won't last long: The Washington Post today talks about the Democrats being "split over Iraq". Uh, oh. This all sounds too familiar. Democrats not being able to make a solid and precise decision. I wrote a while ago (The Rise of the Democrats), that more Demos need to come out publically and have their point of view known. And that's happened, but they're all saying different things. Why can't they all get together (with their idiot leader Dean) and ask, "So, what's the party's official position here?" They decide on one maybe two major points and then turn around and go on the cable news channels speaking the same language. It's not the freakin' hard, guys.

Ok, and someone needs to bitch slap this guy:

He's seems nice enough, but he says batshit things like "Everything is going fine in Iraq!". Ok, Joe, first of all, you're wrong. And second of all, that's not the official position of your party, so shut the hell up. Individualism is fine and dandy and having your own opinion is super, but the American Public doesn't give a rat's ass about your nifty insight. They want to see unity on both sides. When one side comes apart (Republicans with Rove, Delay, Libby), they shift away from them. So now the ball is with you, Democrats. Don't make the same mistake. You have been blessed with an undeserved pair of gigantic, dinosauric balls. Stop jerking off.


Bryan said...

I've never liked Joe Lieberman. I always thought he was a little off.

I do think it is admirable of him to step out with party ranks, though. I just think he should do it like Senator Jeffords and leave the party.

Parties are stupid in general.

Bryan said...

Joe Lieberman is the problem I see with both parties.

They are too big to represent as many people as they pretend to.

It's kind of childish to say: you guys from this party need to be for the war, but you guys on this side need to be against it.

Steven Greenstreet said...

Yeah, true that the two party system sucks ass and is completely retroactive. But, that's how it works. Most Americans view this simplistic organization as Republicans=war, Democrats= no war. And that's the only way the Demos are going to win. Come up with a withdrawal plan for Iraq and stick to it. Discredit anyone who says otherwise (i.e. Lieberman, Hillary). Americans don't want to see a better govermental solution to party representation. They want to see people united and organized. Which the Democrats aren't. That's why Bush was re-elected. It sucks, I know, but they have to play the game before they can change the game.

neal s said...

Here's a thought.

But don't dare tell me you agree.

Bryan said...

certainly a thought indeed.