Monday, December 26, 2005

Fishy Goings-on

Something fishy is going on in the White House and I think the Bush administration is going down. Karl Rove is polishing the brass on the Titanic.

I read this article in the Post this morning.
Basically, it says that Bush has been meeting with newspaper editors for damage-control purposes. I think damage-control for his image, he says national security. In his mind, I'd bet they're the same anyway. On top of that there is the admission by two reporters that they were paid off by Jack Abramoff, Republican Lobbyist, to write stories favorable to his lobby.

And who could forget the circus that went on a while ago (have we forgotten about it already) when Armstrong Williams and others took money from the administration itself to write stories and appear as pundits in favor of certain Bush policies that weren't all that great.

Can someone say "Ethics Probe?"

Something fishy is going on, indeed. And it's big.

Tampering with the press isn't right and Bush is running out of his magic juice that allows him to dodge anything. He can only dodge bullets like this and the warrentless wire-taps and election fraud for so long.

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