Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Kay Anderson is a Very Nice Man

I don't believe it. After months and months of becoming an icon for everything wrong and evil, Kay Anderson finally has an avid fan.

For those of you who have actually seen THIS DIVIDED STATE, I don't need to tell you how hilarious it is that someone would actually describe Anderson as "quite generous". Maybe they were referring to that scene in the film where Anderson ATTEMPTS TO BRIBE THE COLLEGE WITH $25,000! Generous, indeed.

"Free speech works because most of us have the good sense to know when to keep our mouths shut!"- Kay Anderson, Freedom Fighter


John said...

I propose a new doc! But this time...with KITTENS!

Anonymous said...

I loved the movie, it made me seethe with anger. I'd get the hell out of Utah for sure. Also Sean Hannity is repugnant, worse than repugnant. He is despicable, excreable. Yes I'm comparing him to feces. Maybe Mikey Moore isn't everyone's cup of tea, but Sean Hannity should be drug into the street and shot.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

After living iin Utah duriing all this hubbub, I must say, it brought out the real genuine bigots that dominate every level of the communities in Utah. Kay Anderson is and will always be, an icon for ignorance and intolerance. Sean Hannity is what he says he is. An idiot. Yes ol'Dubya got reelected but now look where we are. Hoplessly involved in a war that has no end and can only get worse. God help America.

Aaron said...

I was shocked to see that in a community that prides its self on love and peace went to such extremes to silence another voice. Kay Anderson's message was clear, you can send a missionary to spred altrenative ideas in remote places but do not send one here.

Anonymous said...

Am watching the film and i'm 35 minutes in. I think Kay does seem like a nice guy who while perhaps misguided, genuinely believes he is doing a good thing. Also I think he does have a point - the college is in his community and so to some extent he should have a say in what goes on there.

Ultimately free speech is what's important; part of that means that we should at least give due attention to what Kay thinks.

Anonymous said...

Just finished the movie. Wow, that Kay Anderson guy is the devil in sheeps clothing. Did you get a look at his eyes....can you say pure evil. I have never seen anyone on earth who needs to get banged by a pornstar more than Kay Anderson. This guy is unreal, can you imagine how screwed up his kids will end up someday when they they realize that the real world has been kept from them and they have been brainwashed by this angry square. I swear, could anyone be more uncool than Kay? I doubt it. Make sure to watch the extra features of the dvd when your done with the film. I was soooo angry when watching this guy and this community in action. It was like an old episode of the twilight zone where everyone was walking zombies (almost everyone). Can one single person be so unfun? His poor wife looks like she has been molded by him for decades and/or cloned as a female Kay Anderson. I almost believed he was a proffesional actor portraying the worst vilan ever to grace the bigscreen. Move over Vader, it's Kay Anderson. HItler who holds a bible. I bet that guy has got some deep dark secrets that no one can even fatham. Wow. Hat's off to you Kay, you are the dark lord for sure.

Anonymous said...

As someone posted here: "Also I think he (Kay) does have a point - the college is in his community and so to some extent he should have a say in what goes on there."

Oh? During the middle ages, universities were actually built as fortresses - to keep the ignorant towns folk from storming the place and burning it down. Why? Because the universities are where we traditionally allow the free exchange of ideas - it's Western Tradition.

Radical ideas - like, the earth is not the center of the universe. Or, some people have different religious beliefs from us and should be tolerated. Or, it's a bad idea to be intolerant and burn books or people. Or even: it's ok to question any authority.

For make no mistake about it - Kay Anderson, despite being a Mormon, is a reincarnation of the same pawns of evil that ran the Inquisition, that long road show of the Catholic Church that murdered 5 million innocent women, girls, and female babies in Europe before it was through. And all for the best of reasons...

And what's really really sad about all this - the Mormons themselves were the victims of terrible American intolerance when they first got started. Why were the Mormons so hated? Just listen to Kay Anderson's reasons, when he denounces Michael Moore and his supporters - that same hatred, stupidity, and intolerance were spouted by the "good Christians" that opposed the Mormon heresy... and saw fit to murder their founder.

I just saw this film on cable, and that was one of the most touching scenes - the young man who stands up and says he disagrees with Michael Moore and what he stands for, but he recognizes that he belongs to a religion that received the same unjust treatment. The same unjust persecution at the hands of so-called good Americans who, by their actions, spit on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the blood shed by all Americans defending the right of any of us - any American - to speak or write freely.

Are you listening Mr. Anderson? You spit on all of us and all this great country stands for when you act like the intolerant bigots our founding fathers worked so hard to guard against. Exercise your own right to free speech and denounce whomever you want. But actions such as yours, and those who sent the death threats to those brave students... know that we consider you the same as the scum who have been trying for 400 years to destroy the freedoms that all Americans cherish. Go ahead, wrap yourself in the flag. Clothe yourself in the smug self-righteousness of your moral blatherings. That's what scum and scoundrels have always done.

And that's what you are, Mr. Anderson - you're scum and you're a scoundrel. And dammit, you're un-American.

American Taliban... that's what you are, Mr. Anderson

Terry Rigney said...

I read that Kay Anderson is married to his sister.

walkingdead said...

i just finished watching your documentary. great job! you should be proud of yourselves. as far as sean hannity is concerned, there is nothing to say. i find him to be hateful and mean spirited as is most of those who share his ideals. his side brag on how they care about this nation, but their actions speak much louder - just look at New Orleans a year later. oh yes, they care!

i did have another thought while watching the film. if UVSC decided to invite Tom Metzger(sp?),leader of the W.A.R. (white aryan resistance), i wonder if mr. kay anderson would object or would he welcome that free speech?

Dennis Revell said...

Kay Anderson's is the face I imagine seeing had the white hoods been removed from the heads of all those anonymous KKK bigots in the old grainy black and white newsreels of old.

He's completely fascist, as is the Bush Government he admires so much.

Talking of the KKK, come to think of it, didn't see too many blacks in that documentary. Are they part of the World that Anderson wants to keep out of Utah, because he's "seen it"?

The World seemed to have worked out the right way to deal with fascists in WW II, and seems to have forgotten the lesson.

- mutterhals was on the right track -

Dennis Revell


Old Tone seems to be on his way out, should be to "Nuremburg II" and then a much deserved execution. I'm anti-death penalty, but even I'd volunteer for that one.

May be it's time to do another one of these:


Piddyx said...

I am curious as to who this guy is and how he has $25,000 to throw around.

Anonymous said...

I just thought that I would share some interesting information regarding Kay Anderson who I lived near to for over 10 years.

One of the funniest memories I have is when he had bought a car that a lady had killed herself in. This cars interior was covered in blood and stunk like no other due to the fact that she had been dead in the car for quite sometime before she was found. He cleaned and cleaned that car but never was quite able to get the stink out. I even remember him putting flowers in the car to get the stink out.

Another thing I remember is that he had been on a trip and his family was hearing strange noises up in the attic . Well what was found when going up in to the attic was video recording equipment set up to record inside the house. Kay claimed that they had been broken in to and that intruder had set up the recording equipment. This intruder was never found.

I moved away from the neighborhood over 10 years ago but the memories of Kay Anderson will never be lost.

aliquis said...

I just saw the documentary on TV8 here in Sweden, what a douche. That retard on H those only point and purpose seemed to be to try to rediculate and put the whole group against a single person seemed like a complete retard as well.

Sad that they somewhat got their stupid opinions thru. I tried to find a Kay Anderson hateclub on facebook but there don't seem to exist one :D. Maybe those isn't allowed :)

If someone know why the two student personalities didn't spoke longer and why one of them asked the other to resignate please tell me. E-mail addy is dospam at the famous mail service on g.

I well, back to listening on The Sounds - Living in America on youtube again =P

Thanks and good bye.

Marg said...

I cannot believe that Kay Anderson is actually a real person, not a hired actor. No one can be that ignorant, intolerant and mornonic. I think that even the Republicans would disown him.

His statement in "This Divided State" regarding the firing of faculty and administration with views the oppose his belief system clearly shows what a complete idiot this man is.

A credible university or college is one which invites and supports free exchange of ideas. Is seems that his point of view was afforded by others without him allowing others to express their opinion.

As for his fear of the corruption of "children" (actually young adults at college level)is absolutely insane. Unless a person is held hostage and been subjected to the Stockholm syndrome or have been brainwashed (which may be very true in the case of the children he fears for), they will not abandon their belief system and adopt some radical opposing tenet by hearing Michael Moore, unless they find true what they hear.

Opposition to a specific speaker and the limitation of freedom of speech is not only born of ignorance, but also of fear. Mr. Anderson must be very, very afraid.

Rufus Xavier said...

Fascinating documentary and my heart goes out to the students and faculty who stood up for what was right even in the extreme face of bigotry. I saw this as intriguing microcosm with insight how extreme politics deals with opposition. Anderson was interesting to watch because you could see he actually thought he was one of the "good guys" but was blind (or chose to be) to his own corruption. Perhaps the root cause of this is something he seems to hold in common with many of the more extreme Conservatives these days:
That they solely represent God and morality, and are infallible in doing so,
That any means ultimately becomes acceptable for accomplishing their "good", no matter how evil on the surface (threats, bribery, withholding funding, threatening catastrophic damage to a student's future),
That anyone who isn't carbon copies of them is the enemy and anyone who doesn't echo the prescribed message is not to be tolerated.
Hannity's routine of calling out liberals, responding to their questions by putting them down as liberals and then humiliating and ridiculing them was sickening to watch. One could see how well-rehearsed the system of manipulation was was even then and how people played right into it. As long as hateful individuals like Anderson, ultra-partisan celebrities like Hannity and politicians like the Neo-Cons spread the message of "submit to us or else", we'll never have the constructive conversation that needs to take place in this country.