Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New York Doll

I went to a discount movie theatre last night and viewed New York Doll for the second time. I have to say it actually packed a larger wallop. I'm amazed at how good, yet decidedly unknown out of certain circles, this movie is. If I could see a movie this good every week at the theatre I could die a happy man. It pleases me to think that there are movies this good that actually get released and it pleases me doubly so to think that they can make it into discount movie theatres where some people catch their movies exclusively. But this movie just speaks to people (mormon or not, I'm not) about a lot of things and it's also a well-structured history lesson and it's a fascinating character study of an amazing character. Arthur "Killer" Kane is one of the most lovable on-screen characters ever filmed, fact or fiction. It's just fun to watch him.

In fact, I think this film has actually changed from "Runner-up" to number 4 on my top five favorites of 2005 list. (I can't decide which film I should take off the list though.)

If you live in the Utah County area, there's only until tomorrow night to see it on the big screen and then it's gone. It's my considered opinion that you need to go see it tonight or tomorrow. If you don't, then God will hate you.


suspectx said...

This is a wonderful film; I saw it at its premiere at the Sundance film festival last year. I'm way glad those who are not members of the church are enjoying it. Some of my friends who are not Mormon went to the film and loved it.

Not that this film is connected to the "Mormon Cinema" genre in any way, but this is the kind of film LDS Filmmakers need to create i.e. films that can appeal to Mormons and Non-Mormons and still maintain a strong integrity.

Nate F.

Bryan said...

I agree 100%. I am, in fact, the opposite of Mormon, but this movie was still amazing and spiritual for me.