Monday, February 20, 2006


In an effort to keep the videos and footage of abuse and torture of Iraqis by American and British forces in Iraq available despite U.S. government and Pentagon censorship efforts, we have decided to post them all. What you don't see here you can access through either SALON or SBS. Please note: No high-ranking officials have been held accountable for these atrocities against humanity. Not one.

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Why did they censored these pics ?
Is it abnother dis-information ? - shame !

If either of these people that lived this panishments,
became a so called "Terrorist", would we blame him ? - I wouldn't!

What is the purpose of panishing the people that way? wtf. is the job that is been done there in iraq? I think someone had forgot the main goal, which is Sadam Husein!

Shame on the voters of the president Walker.
If the plan is to make a war on iran, I'll be a protestor on the Capitol hill.