Thursday, February 16, 2006

Latest from the Domestic Terror Front

George Bush has outlined his latest plank of the Domestic Terror Agenda to a group of Wendy's (yes, that Wendy's) employees: Private Health Security Accounts they can't possibly afford.

I think this idea is going to go down the same way the social security privitization plan went down. The more he stumps for it, the less popular it will become. I don't think he's got the hint that people generally don't like this private accounts idea, no matter what social program he attaches it to. Next thing you know, we're going to have Pell grants replaced with Private Teenager College Investment Accounts and we're going to have Food Stamps replaced with Private Nutritional Investment Accounts.

People need Health Care. Not this free-market, voodoo economics tax credit crap. If you want more people covered by Health Care, give them Health Care.

Here's a funny piece from Jesus' General as well.


Kevin said...

I agree the Progessive Community really needs to attack this one. If employers of last resort like Wendy's started depositing money in savings accounts (MSAs) for employees, then there is a big danger than a large number of people from the marginal lower class will start moving from the lower into the middle account.

This is bad news, because the path for "social progress" is to pit the lower class against the upper class.

The Progressive Community will need to crank up the ole misinformation machine on this one.

The Washington Posts has a nice start there. Stating marginal workers are too poor for MSAs is a classic. Yeah, marginal employees are too poor to be given money. Workers at Wendys are so poor and stupid that given a pile of money in an account ... they wouldn't know what to do with it. If you repeat that with a snear while making a jab at that bumpking Bush, a large number of people will believe you.

You're a propagandist. You know that the image put behind a statement is more powerful than the statement itself. If you say that giving people money makes them poorer backed with one of those "Bush-is-a-horrible-person" photos you like to put on your site ... I think you will get quite a few bites on the propaganda.

MSAs are a big danger to social progress since marginal employees form the recruiting grounds for the Brown Shirts...without Brown Shirts, you never really get a good juicy revolution.

If people working at Wendys and Wal*mart started building up savings in MSAs, then they will enter the middle class ... where they are less likely to support social progress. We will never have social progress as long as people keep seeing their quality of life rise.

Keep the misinformation coming. If you say something long enough, people will believe you!

BTW, did you here the one where Cheney was out pheasant hunting then shot some migrants workers. This is really funny. He then turned to his hunting buddy and said: "pheasant? I thought you said 'shoot the peasant.'"

You can use that joke. Propagating the image of Cheney shooting peasants can help advance social progress.

Vlad said...


Thanks for your words of wisdom. It's so refreshing to get some seemingly original thought around here on political issues. Bryan and Steven seem like nice fellows but they both seem to lack the capacity for original ideas when it comes to politics. You can always tell what Bryan and Steven read yesterday on the internet because they are posting about it the next day as if they are experts on the subject. Can you spell regurgitation? That's right eat it up then puke it out all over yourself and all over the internet. You guys are nothing but a couple of toddlers in pull-ups who just started on solids.

Bryan, do you own a small business where you see the price of health care going up every year? Are you scrambling to find a way to keep your store open, keep it reletively profitable, keep your employees happy even though they know they aren't being paid what they are worth? I think these MSAs are at least worth looking at. They might not be right for everyone but I know my employees would benefit greatly from them.

Bryan what IS yor solution for all of this? Do you have any REAL solutuions for anything or do you just like to point your little finger at other people and cast blame, then throw out easier-said-than-done things like " If you want more people covered by Health Care, give them Health Care."?

Bryan said...

I don't think it's propoganda for me to spread my opinion. I really think these private accounts aren't as good for people as health care. I know we've gone back and forth about this before. As far as I've come to understand the plan though, it isn't the employers money going into the accounts, its the employees.

Steven Greenstreet said...

Vlad, please give us the location of your blog so that Bryan and I can read all the brilliant original ideas you have.

Bryan said...

Ummm... I did own a small business. And no, I couldn't afford health care because of the rising costs. The easiest way to relieve small business' of that burden would be to tax them a bit more, nominally, and cover their employees under Medicaid.

Maybe that idea isn't original enough.

But yes, I do post to ideas I've seen and read on the internet. That's sort of the point.

We need to cover every man, woman and child in America with Medicaid. How much is your insurance premium? Why not pay that same amount (or maybe less!) to Uncle Sam and let everyone reap the benefit. It's good for the country and good for your soul.

I would like to note though, this post wasn't meant to be a "brilliant idea of mine." It was a brief post about my frustration with Bush's plan and a sarcastic, satiric jab at the fictional "Domestic Terror Agenda."